This blog is for anything I find interesting. I have many interests: chemistry, math, philosophy, poetry, libertarianism, etc. I have some hero's who I hope to find on tumblr more often who include: Buckminster Fuller, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Carl Jung, Marshall Mcluhan, Kurt Godel, John Muir and more. Any questions about anything, just ask.
The link below is to my other blog, it's less serious, and is for posting things that wouldn't fit on this one. It's more of an indulgence blog, so check it out.


Dyskograf by Avoka

Dyskograf is a graphic disk reader the affectively allows you to draw music on vinyl. Each disk is scribbled on by users with a felt tip pen and then the resulting drawing is translated into a musical sequence once detected by the camera located above the turntable. The turntable has a really nice aesthetic and it cleverly bridges the gap between the virtual instruments used in computer software and the tactile way of hand writing music with pen on paper. A video demonstration is embedded below and it is truly fascinating.

Artists: | Website | Blog | [via: Everyday Listening]

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